Plush Products

Our emphasis on quality means that we take the time to carefully research and try out product in advance.  The products that we sell meet an exacting standard and some  are locally sourced from right here in the Maritimes.

Quannessence Skincare

This Canadian line of therapeutic and holistic professional products incorporate high concentrations of active ingredients that compete with, or exceed, the efficiency of all other advanced skincare lines on the market without the use of parabens or other potentially harmful ingredients. Their mission is to produce the highest quality products by taking the most advanced ingredients from nature and combining them into products that will exceed the expectations of everyone that uses them.

Bend Beauty

Bend Beauty products are oral supplements designed to rejuvenate the skin. These are developed locally, in Halifax Nova Scotia. The philosophy of Bend Beauty is that you live a beautiful life by living a simple life. Their products are extensively scientifically researched and chosen with considersation for the sustainability of the earth.

CND Vinylux & Shellac

Vinylux is a long lasting CND nail polish infused with vitamin E, keratin and jojoba oil. Shellac polish as a CND product that is cured through UV lighting with no dry time and longer wear time. Creative Nail Design, Inc. (CND) is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty.

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